In-Person Training

Kelli Fierce specializes in foundational training techniques that are proven to be most effective for building lean muscle, increasing strength, improving mobility, and boosting self-confidence. All exercises are guaranteed to be creative, fun, and challenging enough to sustain long-term results.

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The key ingredient to achieving results starts with making a commitment to fitness, then learning to be consistent with the process.  One of the primary goals for Kelli Fierce is teach clients how to maintain a FIT lifestyle with a gradual transition and not a quick fix approach.



It’s a little known fact that without ACCOUNTABILITY it’s very difficult to be consistent! Kelli FIERCE will keep you motivated and honest with yourself, by providing positive encouragement each step of the way.



Kelli Fierce provides the fundamental knowledge and life experiences to help each client make smarter decisions. YOU are more likely to witness amazing results if you are well informed and educated on how to train and stay on track with your nutrition goals!

Be Fit. Be Fierce. Be YOU!

Kelli Fierce Offers:

HIIT Training For Fat Loss

Strength and Conditioning

Speed and Agility/Plyometric

Bridal/Wedding Prep

Bikini Competition Posing

Nutrition Guidance

“You will have to work hard, but Ashley will be there each step of the way providing instructions and encouragement!”Manisha